montage of people with many different disabilities

Our new book project "MY disABILITIES" will

  • Share the challenges, experiences, stories and insights of people living with disabilities and disorders
  • Encourage other people going through similar experiences
  • Increase community understanding
  • Support those sharing their stories, and the organisations that help them
  • Share the proceeds of the book with team members

Our vision is "To encourage people with a disability, and to increase the knowledge and understanding of disability in the community".

We have gathered a team of over 45 people from South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, as well as international team members from Indonesia and the USA. The majority of the 25+ chapters in the book are completed, and we anticipate a  release date in early  2019.

Please watch our documentary, as well as signing up for our mailing list, and you are welcome to pre-order the book. The team have written a blog about their involvement with the book project, and they would love if you could read them.

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